Ventilation is key to achieving a healthy and environment indoors. An efficient system of vents is the best way to achieve this across industrial, residential, and commercial properties of all types.

At Grant Air , we fit ventilation systems in a range of settings, from retail stores to restaurants, using our knowledge and expertise to provide solutions that work for each unique environment.

We work closely with our clients, delivering a premium service with fast fitouts and minimal disruption. Just see our work with JD Sports and a Newcastle-based eight-storey office block!

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Benefits of Commercial Ventilation

A quality ventilation system delivers a range of benefits for everyone at the premises, improving conditions for residents, clients, staff and customers.


Reduces Condensation

Condensation can lead to a range of issues, including damp and mould. Condensation is caused by moisture in the air and can come from a range of sources such as kitchen and bathroom environments as well as respiration. Good ventilation stops moisture from settling, reducing damp and condensation.


Better Air Quality

Dust can build up in commercial buildings, particularly new builds and clothing stores. Without an effective ventilation system, this dust can dramatically affect air quality, having a negative impact on the respiratory systems of workers and customers.

Good ventilation also ensures a steady flow of fresh air, and oxygen, around the premises. This prevents stuffy atmospheres from causing drowsiness and lethargy and also helps prevent the spread of germs.


Filters Allergens

Allergens can build up over time, even in interior environments. Ventilation helps prevent allergens from settling, keeping air cleaner and avoiding discomfort for allergy sufferers.


Improves Energy Efficiency

Ventilation systems help with managing humidity, keeping it at an acceptable level. Good humidity levels help to regulate the amount of cooling and heating you will need to do to keep the premises at the required temperature, preventing energy from being used unnecessarily.

Expert Service and Competitive Pricing on Commercial Ventilation

Improve the air quality and conditions at your premises by installing a commercial ventilation system. Help reduce condensation, dust and the spread of germs with Grant Air.

Working across the UK, our team has over 20 years of experience installing a vast variety of ventilation systems, fitting out large warehouses to small inner-city cafes.

We also offer servicing and maintenance to give you peace of mind when it comes to the smooth running of your business.

Maintenance and Servicing

At Grant Air, we know how important it is for your air conditioning system to work without a hitch. That’s why we offer regular maintenance contracts, to help you catch problems before they develop.

We also provide air conditioning servicing, to fix problems if something goes wrong. If your system stops working, our engineers will come out as soon as possible and repair the issue before it seriously impacts your business or property.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Grant Air are experts in the installation of ventilation, air conditioning and HVAC systems. Fill out our contact form or give us a call on 01733 211348 to find out how we can help plan, supply and fit your ventilation system, improving air quality throughout your space.