Residential Air Conditioning Installation

As well as working on commercial air conditioning , Grant Air specialise in supplying, fitting, and servicing air conditioning and HVAC units in residential properties.

With over 20 years of experience working in the air conditioning and ventilation industry, we know how to help you get the most out of your air con at home, taking care of everything from choosing the best model to installation and maintenance.

To find out how Grant Air can help fit your residential air conditioning, fill out our contact form or call us on 01733 211348!

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Installing Air Conditioning at Home

Our team take care of all stages of installation, sourcing everything you need to get your residential air conditioning up and running without a hitch.

We also work around you, adapting to your schedule to limit disruption caused by the installation process.

You’ll be able to enjoy your new air conditioning unit in as little as a few weeks, preparing your home for a more even and regulated temperature.

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Why Install Residential Air Conditioning?

There are plenty of reasons to install air conditioning in your residential property.

Humidity Control

Air conditioners help control humidity, keeping it at acceptable levels. Regulating humidity in the home is extremely beneficial, helping to prevent damp and mould, as well as condensation that can lead to rotting timbers.

Improve Air Quality

Installing an air conditioning unit in the home can help improve air quality by boosting ventilation and air flow, stopping dust and moisture from building up.

Filter Allergens

Most air conditioning units have an air filter located near the return air duct. This can help filter out pollen, dust, and allergens, which is especially useful for allergy sufferers.

Versatile Temperature Regulation

Multi-functional air conditioning systems can heat as well as cool, making them useful for regulating the temperature of the home year-round.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

All air conditioning units benefit from regular maintenance to keep them working properly. Like all machines, they can succumb to wear and tear over time.

An annual maintenance check will make sure to catch any minor issues with your air conditioning unit before they develop into more serious problems. In the long run, this helps keep costs down by avoiding unexpected repair and servicing payments down the line.

At Grant Air, we offer a competitive rate on air conditioning maintenance, taking an annual look at your domestic air conditioner to ensure it keeps working as it should.

We also offer air conditioner servicing if your unit breaks down, getting your system back up and running as soon as possible if something goes wrong.

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If you’re looking to install residential air conditioning in your home, why not let Grant Air take care of it all for you?

Our expert team will sort out everything needed to fitout your air conditioning, from sourcing the best unit to installing it quickly and efficiently. We aim to complete our air conditioning fitouts around your schedule, limiting disruption to your homelife and letting you enjoy cool, fresh air in no time.

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